MERC Programs

Through the past two decades, MERC has spearheaded efforts and developed programs to address key issues facing the Maasai community, including an Anti-Hunting Campaign in Tanzania; Maasai Cross-Border Elephant Conservation Project, Education and Scholarship Program; MMGR Ecological Restoration; Civic and Voter Training, Animal-Human Conflict Resolution, HIV/AIDS Education, Clean Water and Educational Opportunities for Maasai Girls. MERC’s current efforts focus on these programs:

Maasai Land Rights Court Hearing

As Kenya struggles to implement its first post-colonial constitution, voted in with overwhelming support in July of 2010, MERC is leading a community effort to help bring about a new, democratic Kenya through a suit for the return of ancestral Maasailand at Mau Narok.

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Elephants in Maasailand

The purpose of the Research & Policy Development Program is to bring researchers and scholars together with Maasai community members, Narok political leadership, Non-governmental organizations, and any others who share the goal of generating and applying knowledge to support the future of Maasailand and Maasai culture.

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Semester in Maasailand

Maasailand: A Study in Community Activism is a 12-credit field studies program offered to undergraduate and graduate students of Prescott College during summer semester. The program, which first ran in 2005, is a unique experiment into how a university program might offer deep and genuine support to an indigenous community’s struggle for justice.

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The Maasai Field Guide Training Program (MFGTP) is a community education program located in rural Kenya and designed at the request of community activists to preserve their cultural heritage and environment through training and certifying Maasai Field Guides. It is part of MERC’s pioneering initiative to reform the tourism industry in Kenya and to end its discriminative, exploitative and unsustainable practices.

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Maasai Water Project

A lack of clean, accessible water is one of the most pressing issues in Maasailand. The MERC Community Water Project model collaborates to bring safe and adequate water supplies to communities who live far away from clean water sources.

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