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Mission and Projects

Our Mission...
The Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition advocates for the protection of traditional land rights of the Maasai people, and for conservation, management and sustainable use of the great ecosystems of East Africa.

Our Guiding Vision...
Preserve the integrity of East African ecosystems, with their rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, for the benefit of the Maasai people, the nations of Kenya and Tanzania, and the present and future generations of the world.

Ensure the survival of the Maasai people by preserving our cultural heritage, supporting sustainable socio-economic development within our communities, and protecting traditional land rights and political representation so that we can determine our own future on our own lands.


How We Work to Realize Our Vision

Cooperation and Collaboration: Responsible decision making on issues affecting the Maasai community, wildlife, and their shared habitat is accomplished by coordinated cooperation among Maasai communities, local and national governments, and environmental, educational, business and research institutions both locally and internationally.

Education: Grassroots communication, workshops and community-based education programs help Maasai communities become more aware of social, economic, and political issues affecting their well-being, including moral and legal rights to land tenancy and self-determination.

Economic Development: Wise development and conservation on Maasailand in Kenya and Tanzania requires constant evaluation of proposed projects, monitoring of ongoing developments in the field, and also research, planning and implementation of innovative wildlife and community-based projects.

Environmental Preservation: The Maasai have vast knowledge and experience as custodians of our natural habitat, and must therefore be active participants in wildlife conservation programs and habitat preservation with local, national and international conservation and wildlife management institutions.

Representation: In order to assure responsible decisions on issues affecting the Maasai community and land, the needs of the Maasai people and wildlife of Maasailand must be represented before local, national and international governing bodies and decision makers.


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