Reporting from the scene of the assassination of Moses Mpoe on December 3, 2010:

This video shows community reactions and statements from Mpoe’s family, along with information about the on-going land-rights issues in Mau Narok:

A video from Moses Mpoe’s Burial in Mau Narok on December 9, 2010:

March Tarangire sunset21, 2005
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Commercial hunting blocks should be audited
By Pigmi Maori

In the year 2000, a number of Maasai elders travelled from Arusha Region
(Loliondo and Ngorongoro in particular) to Dar es Salaam where they
protested practices done by Ortello Business Company (OBC) and demanded government action against the hunting firm.

Specifically they wanted the firm to stop the haphazard killing of wildlife
that was responsible for the declining population of some species like lion,
leopard and zebras in the northern part of the country.

Their travel to Dar es Salaam was preceded by a gathering of over 20,000
Maasai at a site where the firm was constructing a mansion to protest the
degradation and what they called 'land alienation' caused by the company.

'Respectful' Tourists Among the Maasai
-The East African

Maasailand Safari Photos

Urged to Take Dar to ICJ

-The East African

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